The Koi-San People of Namibia - Real Life As God Planned

I simply love the koi-san human beings of the kalahari desert in namibia and botswana, in africa. They stay nomadic lives, but not randomly nomadic; every extended family has a set pattern that's repeated each 12 months, wherein they stay in particular areas, one devoted for every season of the 12 months.

They do no longer conflict against every body and that they firmly accept as true with that they ought to deal with each person, animals, flowers, earth and all lifestyles with kindness and appreciate; as informed by god. This jogs my memory of one of the usui reiki every day pledges, "nowadays i may be kind to and love all residing creatures."

The koi san human beings's notion is that mother nature must be given sufficient time, approximately a year, to repair herself to complete abundance when they have lived in a place for a season. On the stop of each season they circulate to any other place, where they'd lived the preceding year, and to which they will go back after every yr. They gratefully and meaningfully thank mom nature every time they devour and drink anything. After they kill an antelope or any wild animal, they pray, asking mom nature to forgive them, to reassure her that this deed has now not been for game or meant as cruelty of any type, but it is specially for meals or to make garb or utensils. They then bless the animal and mom nature earlier than skinning it, consuming and the usage of it.

As those human beings stay inside the namib wilderness, they're constantly foraging for roots and that they constantly thank mom nature for the roots they locate to consume and for the water that they extract from these roots.

Inside the collection, 'the secret', the presenters strongly urge us to have an "mindset of gratitude" for what we have already got. May want to we possibly improve on those koi-san human beings's mind-set of gratitude to existence, to god, and to the earth? Or do 99% people take the whole thing that nature gives us definitely for granted, presuming that the deliver will virtually maintain? Some of us understand that it might not, because the soil will become an increasing number of barren and the water supply becomes more poisoned or even definitely depleted in a few regions on the earth.

Because i learned of these humans's attitude to lifestyles, after I consume whatever i make a unique factor of thanking god and mother nature for it. I wonder on the marvel of its perfection, and how it's far a present from nature to feed and sustain me. One lifestyles, one energy and one advent.

Do you spot what i mean? We are all a part of one creation, made of one energy and created by the amazing one god. The hoi-san people stay the most lovely lives of absolutely everyone in the world; and they stay inside the namib desolate tract wherein conditions are extreme, they definitely might be for maximum people westerners. They've dwelt there for heaps of years. Lamentably they were currently rounded up and installed camps by means of the botswana authorities because the authorities wanted to use their land. They strongly hostile this with the assist of a few criminal specialists, and have been given lower back a sizeable piece in their clearly inherited land in which a lot of them continue living in their conventional way.

Their love and appreciate for nature, in reality for all life, is phenomenal. I often surprise if this is not the sort of lifestyle supposed with the aid of god for all humankind. But we westerners have puzzled so totally far from it, dwelling the unnatural lives that we stay in cities and cities, doing what we do to entertain ourselves and extravagant inside the luxury lifestyles of our choice. We might also agree with that we have advanced in many methods in enterprise and era, but we also need to take into account that we've got trashed our planet and hemisphere in the technique. Is this evolution or devolution? I suppose it's the latter.


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