Goodbye Russia: A generation packs its bags

Russia's leading environmental activist is certainly one of more than 1,000,000 people - a lot of them younger and well-knowledgeable - who have packed their bags and left the united states in current years, writes the bbc's lucy ash. Russian even has a phrase for the phenomenon, "poravalism".

"do i sense homesick?" says evgenia chirikova. "no longer truly. Masses of people right here communicate my language. They may be pleasant, active and curiously well mannered. I'm dwelling in the russia of my desires!"
She's talking approximately estonia, her home for the ultimate -and-a-half of years - a safe haven from the persecution she faced as an environmental campaigner and an outspoken critic of russian president vladimir putin.
Her career as an activist started out 11 years ago, whilst chirikova and her family were walking through the khimki wooded area - a former tsarist searching ground full of historic o.K.Trees, wild boar and uncommon butterflies.
"i used to be pregnant, searching ahead to a picnic with my eldest daughter and my husband after I saw some thing atypical," she says.
"there have been red crosses painted on numerous okay and birches. I questioned why these perfectly wholesome bushes needed to be chopped down."
Khimki turned into a covered wooded area, the "inexperienced lungs" of moscow. Chirikova and her husband, mikhail, had deliberately moved to the region from the visitors-clogged metropolis centre, which will be close to it.
On her return from the picnic, chirikova were given at the phone and alerted the authorities to what she had seen. She had assumed that a rogue employer changed into seeking to bend the guideline


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