Critical Thinking: Is The Hollywood Harassment Scandal Being Used To Demonize All Men?

Expert writer oliver jr cooper
Due to what has been taking vicinity in hollywood these days, a lot has been said about the individuals who had been worried. It hasn't stopped there, though, as there are also people who have taken a very exclusive approach.

One cognizance

Whilst this occurs, someone can say that this indicates what men are like and the way unfavorable their sexual nature is. And if a person changed into to mention this, there is a strong hazard that they will describe themselves as a "feminist".

This will suggest that they're a lady, but on the other hand, this could something that a man will pop out with. If this is a person, he could see himself as a person who cares about girls; whereas there are going to be others who say that this individual does not sense cozy of their own skin.

Sexism and misandry

The movements of a few men are going to be visible as a reflection of what all men are like, and this person is then going to give all the motives as to why this is the case. It is enormously probable that this man or woman will lean to the left side of the political spectrum.

The irony is that a person like that is probably to talk about how bad sexism is and yet, they will fail to spot how their behaviour is a textbook instance of what it way to be sexist. With this in mind, this is also the appropriate instance of a person who lacks self-consciousness and the potential to mirror.

The pot calling the kettle black

Similarly to what a person like this may say approximately sexism, they may be certain to talk approximately misogyny and internalised misogyny. However whilst this is on their thoughts, they are definitely oblivious to their personal misandry and internalised misandry.

The fact that people are allowed to have those varieties of views published inside the mainstream media indicates how men are not given the identical amount of respect as girls. If someone wrote an article pronouncing that each one girls are terrible and that their sexuality is destructive, would it be published?

No hazard

However, whilst someone says the identical component approximately guys, there appears to be absolutely no resistance. Taking this under consideration, one has to marvel if the individuals who say that sexism is a terrible element absolutely consider this.

Based on how these varieties of human beings behave, it creates the affect that they consider that sexism is best bad whilst it is against one gender. What this will then show is they most effective have a problem with discrimination when it's far against women, now not guys.

Overall hypocrisy

On the surface, then, they could create the influence that they're ethical human beings who care approximately social justice, while in reality they're immoral and most effective care about their personal pursuits. The masks that a person like this offers to the arena is going to be nothing like who they honestly like.

In the end, whilst a person says that the actions of the few represent the numerous, it is an instance of what takes place once they don't use their brain. It's miles a shape of black and white wondering, and would not require any attempt in any respect.

The problem

It can be said that the cause why guys can be bashed in this way is due to how they have been portrayed for goodbye. Along with this, guys are frequently visible as being 'privileged' and having all the energy.

Because of this, it is simple for a person to treat guys badly after which for them to accept as true with that their behaviour become justified. This is just like how someone can scouse borrow some thing from a person who has a variety of cash and not feel terrible approximately it.

Ideologically blind

But despite the fact that this individual has a number of cash, one is still taking something that doesn't belong to them. So, if men have it so clean, it's far best fair that they're delivered all the way down to length.

Consequently, the idea that those people have of men makes it not possible for them to realize that not all men are the same. And while men can behave in damaging ways, so can women; this isn't some thing that is limited to 1 gender.


One manner of looking at this will be to say that if a female has problems when it comes to guys or if a man has troubles on the subject of his personal gender, there's no cause for them to searching for assist. The simplest factor that they need to do is join a collectivist movement and to project their problems onto others.

What has occurred in their existence is then no longer their duty; it's miles really of reflection of what all men are like. Perhaps a person like this has were given a few form of personality disease, who knows.

All men are the same

On the subject of the sort of stories that someone has in life, they're no longer clearly observers of what has taken location. Thinking about this, if a lady is used to coming into touch with men who're abusive, as an instance, it doesn't show that every one men are the equal - what it's far probably to reveal is that she has the tendency to draw abusive men

It will then be essential for her to investigate what is taking vicinity within her as this could permit her to realize why she is drawn to those types of guys. Possibly she had an abusive formative years, which could have brought on her to experience cozy with this sort of behaviour.


It's miles a ways easier for someone to blame different human beings for for what is going on of their life than it's miles for them to look in the reflect and to investigate what component they're gambling in what keeps displaying up. Rather than changing their personal existence through taking duty, they may try to alternate their existence by controlling others


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