This is how we stopped Badoo killings in Ikorodu - Lagos lawmaker, Sanai Agunbiade

Sanai Agunbiade, a lawmaker in Lagos explained how he mobilised various stakeholders in ending the notorious ritual killings in Ikorodu area of Lagos State.  

He spoke during a Constituency Stakeholders Meeting themed: True Representation and Accountability, saying he mobilised community leaders to take some “behind the scene” measures that put an end to Badoo killings in the area.
He Said:
we were troubled by Badoo, but we all played a prominent role behind the screen and Badoo killing has stopped forever. I also took it upon myself to stop militancy in our community'.

He said something important , 'we have also initiated various legislation effectively addressing challenges such as ritual killings, kidnapping, land grabbing, armed robbery and other crime-related issues'.


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