Craze for tattoos defies limits. And this 28-years-old new delhi man vouches for it.
Karan has were given his eyeballs tattooed and joined a rare membership who have performed so - in all likelihood the first indian in it. The younger guy - who's a full-time professional tattoo artist and piercer - has tattoos throughout his own body.
But with eyeball tattoos, he has taken his frenzy to a new degree.
In eyeball tattoos - also called scleral tattoos - needles inject ink into the whites of a person's eyes to completely dye it a distinct shade.
When karan turned into sixteen, he took up tattooing "as a interest". Later, he unfolded his very own tattoo studio inside the indian capital.
"At the moment, I have uncountable tattoos and 22 piercings on me," Karan was quoted as telling NDTV adding his full body suit of tattoos is a work in progress. "Eventually, I will just have one tattoo: head to finger and toe tips."

Karan started out toying with the concept to tattoo his eyeballs six months back. He discussed it with his circle of relatives and buddies, questioning whether he have to move for the everlasting technique or no longer. "once they had been satisfied and knew i used to be 100% positive... They supported my decision," the report rates him as saying.

An australian tattoo artist, who karan claims invented eyeball tattooing, at a tattoo studio in the big apple, us - done the process on him. He Said

"Out of the 7.5 billion world population, only a few hundred have it. Out of the 1.3 billion Indian population - I am the first person to have my eyeballs permanently tattooed," 


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