Donald trump and vladimir putin First Official Handshake

Donald trump and vladimir putin had a "robust and lengthy" trade over russian interference within the us elections and agreed to a new ceasefire settlement for syria in their first reality-to-face assembly.

The two leaders met on the sidelines of the g20 summit in hamburg for talks in which additionally they discussed the conflict in ukraine, the north korean nuclear disaster and cyber security.

But the tremendously-predicted meeting started out with what rex tillerson, the united states secretary of state, described as a “very strong and lengthy alternate" approximately russian interference closing 12 months's presidential election, in which mr putin demanded evidence of alleged russian involvement.
Sergey lavrov, the russian foreign minister, confirmed the trade came about and claimed mr trump "heard putin's statements that russia failed to hack [the] election and accepts them".

Whilst mr putin has denied russia performed any direct role in the election meddling, he and mr trump agreed that the problem had come to be a challenge to higher family members between the 2 powers, mr tillerson stated.

Mr putin and mr trump, accompanied by way of mr lavrov and mr tillerson, left a assembly on climate exchange with other international leaders early for their one-hour meeting, which went on for extra than two times that time.
Speakme along mr putin before the talks commenced, mr trump known as it an "honour" to meet the russian president and that he looked ahead to “high quality matters” happening within the courting.

"we've had a few very, very good talks. We are going to have a speak now and obviously to be able to preserve. We look ahead to a variety of very tremendous things happening for russia, for the united states and for everyone worried" mr trump said.

Mr putin said they'd spoken over the cellphone approximately “essential bilateral and international  troubles... However telephone conversations are obviously no longer sufficient".
"i'm overjoyed to fulfill him in my opinion," mr putin introduced.

Mr tillerson stated the meeting ran on so long that at one factor melania trump came to check on progress.

"they even despatched inside the first woman at one factor to look if she should get us out of there, and that didn't work either. … we went some other hour after, " mr tillerson stated.

The two presidents did no longer talk to the press after the meeting.
Mr lavrov stated the new syria peace settlement brokered by using the two international locations could come into force within the south-west of the warfare-toen u . S . At noon local time on sunday.

The deal, which also involves israel and jordan, is become independent from the status quo of “secure zones” agreed with the aid of russia, turkey and iran at talks in astana.

It's miles the first us-russian try to quit the warfare in syria on the grounds that a preceding deal negotiated through mr lavrov and john kerry, the previous us secretary of nation, fell apart last 12 months.


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